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We have several Automatic high-speed molding machine,automatic large sheet thermoforming machine,Hydraulic press,CNC machining centre,Large Multidimensional precision cutting machine and Ruffled machine,High frequency thermal bonding machine,Ultrasonic welding machine.Our production capacity is 500K~800K/month.
The material we can use  :HIPS,PET锛圥ETG锛,GAG,PVC,PP,PC,ABS,HDPE,LDPE and ACRYLIC and some Alloy material.All material also can be divided into 4 kinds,normal,conductive,antistatic,And effective fire prevention performance functional materials.
The thickness of the material we can use  is 0.2~10 mm.The largest size can be 3500*2500mm.
100000 class 700銕 clean room can be used for producing high qualified vacuum thermoforming products.
We can provide the Extension services of the thermoforming products,such as the sonic leaning for the turnover tray,and the sonic welding and assembly for the thermoforming products.


The company has been always adhere to the "continuous improvement, to provide satisfactory products" as the company quality management guiding ideology, "energy conservation and emission reductions, prevent pollution" of the environment management policy, and to make the scientific, systematic of quality guarantee system
In order to make you get the required products锛
1.Raw material control,process control,delivery control,unqualified products control,prevention and corrective control and other quality control process
2.Whole process monitoring and keeping improving product quality
3.Professional QC and inspection personnel
4.Equipped with all kinds of testing instrument
5.Effective evaluation of suppliers


We can provide many kinds of Value-added services,such as crash test,dropping test
We can provide professional industrial design scheme

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